Application catalogue - Neschen

Catalogue is a thorough presentation of Neschen adhesive vinyls and covers all DOT and FIX adhesive vinyls, as well as those not using any glue at all.

This 11” x 7” catalogue contains 13 full-color, scored samples, as well as examples of vis-com and decoration applications in various places. All thirteen samples are marked with a "pull” symbol, in a spot, where a customer can peel a sample off of the liner and see how easy to use the DOT, FIX and GRIP materials are. It is a quick way of showing the Neschen’s idea behind these vinyls.

These unique products are distinguished by:
  • Eco-friendly, dot patterned adhesive
  • High fire safety and non-slip certification
  • HP Latex print technology certification
  • Super-easy application and removal
  • Great, eye-catching effects available with minimal effort
  • Wide range of applications
  • Superb quality to price ratio at, relatively, minimal investment of time and man power

The catalogue is going to be a great tool for designers and marketing agencies, during talks with the customers. Easy DOT vinyl has been a sales hit since its premiere and is one of the coolest products used by our customers in their projects, because it can be easily applied by anyone. The DOT pattern of the adhesive makes air bubble removal a child’s play.

We kindly invite you to see our new videos made specially for the "Neschen Innovative Products” campaign and learn more about the Neschen products.”