Mitylon Wallpaper 150-579

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Fleece wallpaper

Mitylon Wallpaper 150-579 is a latex fleece wall covering made of a blend of cellulose with a polyester nonwoven fabric using latex binder. The photo-wallpaper is designed for printing on large-format printers and wall application using ordinary wallpaper-laying application tools — all you need to do is to apply glue to the wall! Fast-drying, scratch and tear resistant. Certified B-s1, d0 fire retardant according to DIN EN 13501-1. PVC-free, does not include heavy metals, formaldehyde, softeners, solvents and glass fibers (DoP — Declaration of Performance). FSC-certified cellulose used in production, CE marked finished product. Designed for printing on HP Latex and UV printers.
Specifications and characteristics
  • Thickness approx. 14 mil;
  • Weight approx. 6 oz/yd2;
  • Smooth, reflexion-free matte surface;
  • No shrinkage or stretching during application (stable dimensions);
  • Perfect for overlap printing and cutting of two-ply layers on the wall, allowing practically invisible seam without beads;
  • Applied using ordinary wallpaper-laying application tools ("ready-made” glue is applied only on the wall);
  • Allows the walls to "breathe” and partially mutes sounds;
  • Easy to remove without leaving no residne on the wall.
  • Wall graphic design (schools, hospitals, restaurant, home, etc.),
  • Allows creating individual interior designs.
  • Type: coated cellulose combined with polyester nonwoven fabric using latex binder
  • Weight [oz/yd2]: approx. 6
  • Thickness [mil]: approx. 14
  • Dimensions (approx.): 44.1in / 53.9in / 59.8 x 164ft
  • Fire protection class according to DIN EN 13501-1: B-s1,d0