Neschen Gudy 804

transparent & easy to correct

Designed for

  • Ideal for manual application of graphics to a variety of surfaces as smooth PVC-surfaces, polystyrene, polycarbonate, chipboard laminated aluminum, etc.
  • Also ideal for the production of pre-coated boards: the adhesives new nonslip release liner allows boards pre-coated with Gudy 804 to stack safely without slippage.
  • Suitable for cut sheet applications and for dispatch of laminated pictures rolled up.

Product Features

  • approx. 3 mil monomeric soft-PVC carrier
  • transparent
  • suitable for indoor use
  • Ph neutral moisture stable adhesive.
  • Permanent immediate bonding High-Tack (HT) adhesive on one side and a repositionable Low-Tack (LT) adhesive on the other.
  • Two release liner, HT side identified by paper release liner, LT side identified by embossed LDPE film release liner. Structured repositionable adhesive with low initial tack on one side for easy correction of mistakes and bubble-free application by hand.
  • Can be easily repositioned or removed without residue.
  • The additional thickness of the carrier reduces minor imperfections in the substrate.
  • This is the product of choice for mounting high gloss output, as its approx. 3 mil carrier film will minimize orange peel.
  • environmentally friendly waterbased adhesive

Product Structure

- Backing: one-sided siliconised glassine paper, approx. 3 oz/yd²
- Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, permanent approx. 1 oz/yd²
- Carrier: approx. 3 mil soft-PVC monomeric
- Adhesive: waterbased polyacrylate, removable 1 oz/yd²
- Backing: embossed LDPE-film approx. 4 mil
Data Sheet - gudy 804
Application Instruction Mounting & Laminating
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